1st Street at State / Fort Streets

Avenue B and Jefferson Street

Capitol Blvd and Main Street

9th Street and Idaho Street

13th Street and Jefferson Street

Main Street and 15th Street

State Street and 10th Street

State Street and 16th Street

*NEW!* 23rd Street and Fairview Avenue

Americana Blvd and Shoreline Drive

27th Street and Fairview Avenue

Main St and 27th Street

Main Street and Whitewater Park Blvd

Park Blvd and ParkCenter Blvd

ParkCenter Blvd and Beacon Street

13th Street and Myrtle Street

9th Street and Myrtle Street

Capitol Blvd and Myrtle Street

Capitol Blvd and University Drive

University Drive and Joyce Street

Front Street and 6th Street

Broadway Avenue and Front Street

Broadway Avenue and Warm Springs Drive

Broadway Avenue and Myrtle Street

Broadway Avenue and University Drive

Lincoln Avenue and Beacon Street

Broadway Avenue and Beacon Street

Broadway Avenue and Boise Avenue

Broadway Ave and Linden Street

Federal Way and Protest / Kootenai Street

Federal Way and Broadway Ave

Federal Way and Gekeler/Bergeson Streets

Federal Way and Amity Road

Federal Way and Gowen Road

Orchard St / Gowen Road and Harvard Street

Gowen Road and Pleasant Valley Drive