I-184 just past 13th Street

I-184 at Chinden Blvd.

I-184 at Orchard St.

I-184 at Curtis Rd / St Alphonsus Hospital (Exit 2)  

I-184 at Cole Rd / Boise Towne Square Mall (Exit 1B)  

I-184 at the Junction with I-84 (Exit 0)  

I-84 at the Flying Wye (Exit 49)

I-84 at Cole/Overland Overpass (Exit 50)

I-84 between the Cole/Overland and Orchard Exits

I-84 at Orchard St / Gowen Field (Exit 52)

I-84 at Vista Avenue / Boise Airport (Exit 53)

I-84 at Broadway Avenue / Boise State (Exit 54)

I-84 between the Broadway and Gowen Rd Exits

I-84 / Gowen Road (Exit 57)

I-84 / Gowen Road Offramp (Exit 57)

I-84 at Maple Grove Road (MP 49)

I-84 at Five Mile Road (MP 48)

I-84 at Cloverdale Road (MP 47)

I-84 at Eagle Road / Idaho Highway 55 (Exit 46)

I-84 at Locust Grove Road (MP 45)

I-84 at Meridian Road (Exit 44)

I-84 at Linder Road (MP 43)

I-84 at Ten Mile Road (Exit 42)

I-84 at Black Cat Road (MP 41)

I-84 at McDermott Road (Ada/Canyon County Line)

I-84 at Robinson Road (MP 39)

I-84 at Garrity / Idaho Ctr Blvd / Nampa (Exit 38)

I-84 at 11th Avenue / Nampa (MP 37)

I-84 at Franklin Blvd / Nampa (Exit 36)

I-84 at Northside Blvd / Nampa (Exit 35)