State Street and North 28th Street

36th Street and Hill Road

State Street and Whitewater Park Blvd

Whitewater Park Blvd at Stewart Drive

State Street at Veterans Memorial Parkway

State Street at Collister Drive

State Street and Ellens Ferry Drive

State Street and Glenwood Street

State Street and Bogart Lane

State Street (Idaho 44) and Horseshoe Bend

State Street (Hwy 44) and Highway 55

Highway 55 and Hill Road
Highway 55 and Floating Feather Road

Chinden Blvd and 36th/Orchard Street

Chinden Blvd and Veterans Memorial Parkway

Veterans Memorial Parkway and Adams Street

Chinden Blvd and 50th Street

Chinden Blvd and Kent Street (Expo Idaho)

Chinden Blvd and Glenwood Street

Glenwood Street and Marigold Street
Glenwood Street and Riverside Drive